Walking on Snow by Mary Guckian, 2010

Vertebrae of Journey by James Conway, 2010

An Elegance of Gannets by Eithne Cavanagh, 2009

Encounters, 2008 Ed. Pauline Hall

The Ten Commandments Reloaded played in 2006.

Phoenix Fire  by Kate Davis 2004

Extended Wings 5  Ed. Christine Broe 2004

A Fistful of Stories, Ed. Kate Davis  2001

Selected Poems 1983-2003 (and CD) by Pat Boyle 2004

Solas Solás by Christine Broe, Ed. Mary Shine  2003

Invisible Darner by Pat Carr 2003

Bone and Petals by Eithne Cavanagh Ed. Mary Shine  2001

The Road to Gowel by Mary Guckian Ed. Mary Shine  2000

The Perfume of the Soil by Mary Guckian Ed. Mary Shine  1999

Extended Wings 4  Ed. Marie MacSweeney 1998

Duet for Two Dubs, by Warren O’Connell and Maureen Charlton 1997

Quintet Ed. Fintan Murphy 1996

Quartet Poetry Ed. Maureen Charlton and Brian MacGuigan 1995

Extended Wings 3  Ed. Maureen Charlton and Brian McGuigan 1995

Extended Wings 2  Ed. Rosemarie Rowley  1994

Extended Wings 1  Ed. Rosemarie Rowley 1993